Terms of Service / Policies

Tuition Refunds – Because of the small class size and our commitment to faculty based on registration, Anar Center enforces the following policy regarding payment, withdrawal and refunds:

  • Payment must be made IN FULL at the time of class registration for new students. Already enrolled students must register one week before their current term ends to ensure their space and time in the next class level.

  • Tuition payments, tuition deposits and textbook purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE and can not be transferred or postponed to a future term. Once classes start, no credit or refunds can be given in any form.

  • A registration fully paid, can be gifted to someone who wishes to take a class during the term for which the original student is registered.

  • Class tuition cannot be transferred to private lessons.

  • If classes fall on a national holiday, then a make-up class will be offered at an available time and day during the same term.

  • These policies are in place to ensure class size and space for potential students.

  • All workshop payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. A workshop registration fully paid, can be gifted to someone who wishes to join the workshop, as long as they meet the workshops requirements, such as age. The name and age of the person being gifted must be given to Anar Center 24 hours in advance.